Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thanks To All Readers!

Many thanks to all readers of this blog for making it reach into the top best 100 blogs in Spain. I was notified this morning, so I have placed the award in the side column. The same award has also be given to 2 of my other blogs...Makes it all worthwhile !

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cutting Costs With Budget Airlines

Cutting your costs when you book with the budget airlines is quite easy when you follow a few easy tips. On a family holiday for a family of four you can save quite a few pounds and have more to spend in your chosen resort.
Most airlines now charge you for checking in your suitcase and stowing it in the hold. This will cost you anything from £10-£15 for each case plus, then charge for any excess weight, with Ryanair this is now £15 for each beware!
One way to save money here would be to just take hand luggage, at the moment this is free with all airlines and you are allowed 10kgs per person. For just a few days in the sun you only need to take your lightest clothes, ie shorts, T shirts, swimwear and sandals. Travel in your heaviest clothes, such as jeans, trainers, and a coat which will help keep the weight down in your bag. Also weigh your bag on your bathroom scales at home so as not to get caught out.

Most airlines now have a charge for priority boarding, but I usually find the queues aren't all that much difference these days, so why bother?
Travel insurance - its usually cheaper to buy an annual policy for the family if you travel more than once a year, so don't buy from the airline.
Paying for your flight now incurs charges whether you use debit or credit cards. These charges can add as much as £10 for each persons round trip. To avoid this cost get yourself a Visa Electron card, (Halifax issue these) you can then use this for your flights saving yourself a small fortune.
Go to the ''Money Saving Expert'' site for more tips and all necessary links.