Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Latest Price List for Cigs & Tobacco

This post was recently edited to give the latest price list.

Here is the very, very latest price list from the tobacconist which shows the new prices for cigs and tobacco as they are today  February 2015 in Spain.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Barcelona Airport to Lloret de Mar

Now that Ryanair is cutting many of its flights to and from Girona airport we have good news for those travelling to the Costa Brava via Barcelona Airport.  A new service between Barcelona airport and Lloret de Mar is now operational. The service will make it much easier for those who would normally have to do the journey by train and bus which in my opinion is a nightmare, how people with heavy luggage and small children cope with this difficult journey I dont know. The 'new' direct bus service is operated by Sarfa and takes 95 minutes, the cost is approx €12 one way and a return trip about €23.
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Lloret de Mar Supermarkets

If you are visiting Lloret de Mar for the first time then you may be wondering which are the best supermarkets in which to do the bulk of your shopping and where are they! If your staying in an apartment and intend to make quite a few of your meals indoors rather than eat out then its always worth trying to find out where the locals do their shopping and where to get the best value for money.
Here is a list and map of the most popular supermarkets in Lloret complete with a few details about each one.
Starting off at the far end of town in the Fenals area, there are two large supermarkets which are very handy if you happen to be staying at either of the the two campsites in Lloret. The first one is Dia, this is a mostly favoured by the Spanish and sell more or less Spanish branded foods along with a good selection of fresh fruit and veg, frozen foods, a few household items such as pots and pans, towels, cutlery, plastic ware and have a very good selection of toiletries and cleaning products.

Just across the road is one of the better supermarkets in Lloret, this is  Consum. Here you can get quite a few British products such as Tea Bags, biscuits, in the freezer you will find various pies and pasties, sausage rolls and bacon. You can always buy fresh milk at Consum, either full cream or semi skimmed, something which not all Spanish supermarkets stock as they seem to prefer the long life carton stuff! They have a very good selection of pre packed meats which they pack themselves or if you prefer you can buy meat from their meat counter. Consum is also the cheapest place in Lloret to buy Heinz baked beans!

Coming back on the main road towards Lloret is the Caprabo supermarket, at one time it used to be quite expensive but now I'd say is  just about the cheapest owing to the various offers they have throughout the store such as buy one get one half price! They merged with the large Eroski chain about 4-5 yrs ago and hve since then started to sell the Eroski brand products which are very good value for money! In Caprabo you can find a very good meat counter which some say is the best meat around, also there is a very good fresh fish & sea food counter. They also sell pre packed meat which they pack themselves. Quite a few British products can be found on the shelves here such as Tea bags, beans, butter, and margarine, cereals and sauces. They also sell fresh milk, and have lots of frozen foods as well as wines, beers and spirits. Caprabo have a very good range of toiletries and cleaning products as well as various  household items -pots and pans, ironing boards, small electrical goods, towels, toys, stationery, hardware items and even garden furniture! You really must try their fresh spit roasted chickens which are on sale from the kiosk outside the store.

Just across the road from the Caprabo and behind the Fenals Garden hotel is the newest supermarket in Fenals the Carrefour Express, a small supermarket belonging to the huge Carrefour chain. Here they sell a little bit of everything! They have a lot of their own branded foods which are very good quality.  You can buy the usual grocery items such as prepacked meats, fruit, veg, toiletries, cleaning products, dairy foods and various sorts of fresh bread, warm baguettes are only 39cents here! Most things in Carrefour Express are a little dearer compared to some stores but it is very handy little store for most hotels and near by apartments.

The next nearest spermarket is just down the road from the Carrefour and this is the British Food Imports supermarket, very handy if you are staying in the Royal Beach Hotel or Surf Mar Hotel. Here you can get a little bit of everything you need from home...a little bit of Britain in Lloret! On sale here are tinned products such as corned beef, soups and beans. A wide range of frozen foods, fish, sliced bread, bread rolls, pies, pasties, sausage rolls, gammon steak and scones etc. They also have Tea bags, oxo's, various sauces including cook in sauces, British toiletries, baking products and chocolates...and not forgetting Newspapers and magazines!

Over the hill and into Lloret de Mar centre you will find lots of supermarkets aimed at the tourist trade, these always tend to be much more expensive and not the ideal place to do your shopping for the week.

Just off the main square opposite the Moby Disco is the Bon Preu a nice clean medium sized supermarket used by many of the locals in that area. The usual grocery items along with a large range of pre packed meats, fruit, veg, an excellent choice of wines and spirits, as well as toiletries and cleaning products -also they have freshly baked baguettes out of the oven several times a day!

The biggest and newest supermarket in Lloret centre is the Mercadonna, this stands in the place where the bull ring used to be a little way up the road from the Casino Royal Hotel and right opposite the Festa Brava Hotel. This is a favourite of quite a lot of the locals in Lloret but up until a few weeks ago had  to travel to Blanes if they wished to shop at Mercadonna, not any more now that we have our own here in Lloret. I always like their own brand of toiletries such as shower gels and hair products, always very good value for money. The range of food products here is endless, they have a massive selection of meats, fish and freshly baked breads and cakes etc. They also have a huge range of frozen foods, fresh fruit and veg.

Going further along the road towards Tossa you will come across another Caprabo supermarket, this one is on two levels with all the food stuffs on ground level and cleaning products and household goods down stairs.

To find the location of all the supermarkets named above just click on the shopping trolley below and it will take you to the map showing where each one is!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Lloret de Mar Mobility Aids

If you have the need to hire mobility walking aids or an electric scooter for your holiday here on the coast then I can give you details of two shops which will deliver and collect  whatever you require. The first one is based a few miles down the coast in Malgrat de Mar. Movilidad Costa Brava  have a number of useful items for hire including pushchairs, wheelchairs, electric fans, hairdryers, toasters and kettles! their contact details are - email -

In Lloret you can hire mobility scooters etc from
email - 

At Davidrent you can also hire quad bikes, bicycles and pushchairs etc
Find them here on the map......

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lloret to Barcelona by Bus

I've recently been asked about how to travel from Lloret de Mar to Barcelona city centre by bus,  so here you can find a the latest timetable for anyone wanting to make their own way to see the sights of Barcelona.
The timetable for travel to Barcelona from Lloret de Mar has recently changed, here is a link to the latest times valid until 31 st August 2011.........

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ryanair - Girona Airport

The recently reported new 5 year deal between Girona airport and Ryanair has collapsed, meaning the airline now will cease to operate many of it destinations at the airport blaming the Catalan government for not honouring its agreement.
From as early as the end of February Ryanair is to start cutting 18 of it 64 routes and reduce frequencies on 17 other routes. You can read the full story over at Ryanair

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ryanair - Girona Airport

Ryanair have at last agreed a new 5year extension at Girona where it will base 10 aircraft. For the 2011 summer schedule there will be 63 routes including 8 new routes. The new routes are mainly to Eastern European and Scandinavian countries.
This deal is excellent news for the Girona region as it now secures the jobs of 4,000 local workers, and probably the airport itself!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Lloret de Mar - Exchange Rate.

One of the best places to exchange your pounds for euros is at the BFI British food shop. They now have 2 stores both in Fenals, one is opposite the Royal Star hotel and the other opposite the Royal Beach Hotel.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Smoking Ban in Spain

The ban on smoking in public areas begins tomorrow 2nd Jan. As from then smoking will not be allowed in bars, nightclubs, restaurants or hotels etc. Restaurants are very critical of this new law as they believe for them that the loss of trade will be massive.
Another concern is that those who gather outside of these public places to have a smoke will generate quite a bit of unnecessary noise and disturb those who live nearby.
The smaller bars and cafes are also fearful that they will loose much of their trade from those who just pop in to have a coffee and smoke while they read their daily paper.

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