Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Staying Safe in the Sun.

Just now the temperatures are ridiculously high in Spain, here is a recent photo from Lloret with the beach so packed there's hardly room for another beach towel. This is the main pass time for just about everyone that comes to the Costas for their annual holiday.
Everyone likes to have a nice tan for when they return home, but by following these few guide-lines may save you from being badly burnt as some of the holiday makers we see walking about in Lloret!
  • Always carry a bottle of water with you, even if your not intending to go far. Just a few sips of water every half hour or so will stop you from dehydrating, usual first signs of this are headache & sickness. As soon as you feel any symptoms get out of the sun and have a good drink of water, you'll be surprised how quickly you'll soon feel better! Any other symptoms such as dizziness, cramp, chest pains or confusion will need medical attention.
  • The best time to apply sun lotion is before you leave your hotel room, this gives your skin time to absorb the cream and always use at least factor 20 for your first few days in the sun. Sun cream does NOT stop you getting a tan it only prevents you from getting burnt. Also by using sun-cream you'll find your tan is much more even.
  • For your first day in the sun don't try to lay there for too long in order to get a tan straight away, doing this will probably mean you getting burnt then having to stay out of the sun for the next few days until the soreness has gone.
  • Always where sunglasses, which will prevent you having to screw your eyes up in the sun. This again could cause headaches. Also if you are prone to headaches in the sun a hat may also help, But the best tip is as soon as you start to feel uncomfortable in any way get out of the sun till you feel better.
  • Babies and young children should be kept completely out of the sun, their skin can not take the sun or can it tolerate sun cream. I will always remember seeing a baby of only a few months old being pushed in a pushchair by its parents and it had obviously had too much sun as it was burnt red...what a sickening sight!

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